In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s not just individuals whose lives are at risk. Nonprofits, their staffs, and the diverse communities they serve are also struggling to survive.

Help protect our Endangered Nonprofits.


Nonprofit Industry by the Numbers

registered nonprofits at risk

11m Jobs

nonprofit jobs at risk

worth of volunteer hours lost at risk

If nonprofits disappear, it's not just buildings and programs and services that vanish with them. It's hope. Humanity. Community livelihoods. And human lives.

help save our endangered nonprofits

The organizations that have joined the Endangered Nonprofit Coalition are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep their missions going strong. Help them keep that commitment. Find an organization and donate today.

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We can’t keep these nonprofits from facing extinction without you—and your network of colleagues, friends, and connections. Help spread the word about the Endangered Nonprofit Coalition by downloading our Rescue Kit, which includes posters, social graphics, and more for you to share. Be sure to tag #endangerednonprofits each time you post, and THANK YOU for your support

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